Types of Log Splitters and How to Select the Best Log Splitters

Log splitters are the best solution for cutting up wood and logs. They are easy to use, unlike axes. Splitters also save the user time and energy as compared to an axe. There are many kinds of log splitters in the market and choosing a good splitter can be a daunting task.

In selecting a splitter, the buyer needs first to comprehend the type of splitters that exist. Splitters are divided into three broad categories, which are: electric, gas and manual. Manual log splitters are the cheapest thus the most affordable. The beauty of manual machines is that they are the lightest of all the three models and are very portable thus can easily be moved from one point to another. The machines come in two designs, either vertical or horizontal and can provide up to ten tons of splitting capacity. The disadvantage of this splitter is that it is slower to load and more physically demanding than the other types. Read more great facts on  best manual log splitter , click here.

The other make is the electric log splitters. These splitters are good for indoor use because they do not emit any fumes and provide vast amounts of splitting capacity, unlike manual ones. The machines can be operated from a standard 120-volt socket that is grounded to prevent an overload on the electrical circuit. These machines are cheaper, lighter, and more portable in comparison to gas-powered models. The only disadvantage with these models is that they always need to be connected to a power source. This source of energy may not be available when working in a forest. These models are the best for home use and not for commercial logging jobs. You can click this link  www.powertoolspot.com for more great tips!

The third type of model is the gas-powered model. These models are the most powerful and provide up to 38 tons of splitting capacity. They are therefore an excellent choice for commercial loggers and people who have large and knotty logs to split. These machines usually come with the option of a trailer hitch thus can be moved from one place to another using a trailer hitch. These splitters are the most expensive among the three kinds of models and therefore they are uneconomical for when used for splitting small logs or other home uses. The need for gas also makes them expensive in the end. Selecting the type of splitter to use depends on two factors, one is pricing, and the other is the kind of job that needs to be done. Please view this site  http://www.wikihow.com/Split-Gnarly-Firewood for further details.